Welcome to the Ann Arbor Ecclesia…

The Ann Arbor Ecclesia is a member of the Christadelphian Central Community. The Christadelphians are a religious group who attempt to follow the faith and character of the early Christian church as recorded in the New Testament. The Christadelphian movement was formed during the religious revival in the mid-1800s and can be found worldwide. The name “Christadelphians” comes from two Greek words, meaning “brethren in Christ”.

Christadelphians are a lay community patterned after first century Christians. Each congregation is called an “ecclesia” (the New Testament word for church). We have no paid clergy or church hierarchy. Members of each congregation are addressed as ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, and all are involved in organizing our activities. Members contribute their time and energy voluntarily in service to God. A strong common belief binds our brotherhood together.

Christadelphians accept the Bible as the only inspired word of God. Membership is extended to those with similar beliefs after being baptized (fully immersed in water).

Therefore, we invite all to meet with us and have a discussion about what the Bible teaches us.


To discuss and reason God’s Message to the surrounding community


To be an aid and comfort to those seeking God and those looking to live according to His principles